4th Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies Conference


BOSTON, August 2016. enLabel Global Services was a Corporate Sponsor of the Fourth Annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies Conference, hosted by Marcus Evans, on August 9-11, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

With such a vast exchange of knowledge between various industry experts, regulatory bodies and standards organizations, this three-day event was certainly a success.  

An interactive panel discussion, led by Ken Legault, VP Sales & Business Development, enLabel Global Services, along with Angie Kilgore, Quality Assurance Manager, Transplant Diagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, was essential for participants interested in learning how to effectively manage data changes within automated systems.  

In this session, Legault and Kilgore successfully highlighted how to designate ownership of automated systems to enable real-time data updates, leverage the Source of Truth to ensure data accuracy, establish protocols to verify data validity, and expedite data changes throughout automated systems to reduce cycle times.

Sponsors and attendees alike, were fully engaged.  Additional keynote presentations and specialized breakout sessions were led by fellow distinguished presenters.  A one-hundred-dollar Amazon Gift Card was also raffled off to attendees, courtesy of enLabel.  

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