4th Semi-Annual Medical Device & Diagnostics Labeling Conference

April 25-26 in Alexandria, VA
Hosted by Q1 Productions

enLabel Global Services is the proud Gold Sponsor and Keynote Speaker for this event.  

As medical technology has continued to rapidly evolve in design and complexity, device and diagnostic manufacturing corporations face the challenge of communicating product information in addition to safety messages to healthcare professionals and patients through clearly intelligible labels and instructions for use. With a continuously evolving regulatory landscape on the international scale, health authorities are increasingly requiring for more product information and technical data to be conveyed to consumers, adding to the overall complexity of developing compliant labels. Furthermore, many markets outside of the US are developing rules allowing for enhanced tracking of medical technology with Unique Device Identifiers. In order to meet all expectations and compliance with such a variety of requirements, labeling executives are examining methods to optimize corporate labeling programs at the local and international level, to deploy an efficient and streamlined labeling process across the organization.

Unique to Q1 conference programs, a considered mix of presenters including policy makers, solution providers and industry representatives will ensure a multi-perspective approach to medical device and diagnostic labeling, in an environment suited to education and knowledge share. Furthermore, interactive sessions will be proposed to the audience, allowing for each participant to actively contribute to the learning experience all while collecting valuable insight from peers. With labeling executives actively looking for new technology and solutions for streamlining labeling programs, sponsors will find this audience highly interesting in partnering and business development opportunities.