Meeting the global demands of localization.

Common industry terms used to address the challenges of global and emerging markets include, localization, postponement and customer specific labeling (CSL).

It is crucial that labels include the correct localized content and symbologies, in addition to ensuring that such requirements are used in the correct context.

The enLabel approach to Destination Labeling incorporates business rules and logic, for successful selection and management of the required content for a specific market or customer.

Benefits of the enLabel approach to Destination Labeling:

  • Achieve global visibility and total control of all product labeling for the various global markets served.
  • Successful management of all packaging and labeling levels used to address Supplemental or Addendum labeling processes, via an intelligent and scalable platform.
  • Effective management of traceability and pedigree for rework, repackage, relabel and reprinting scenarios.